Suspicious Package in North Carolina Turns Out to Be Awesome 80’s Band Cassette Tape

After last week, obviously no one’s going to take a chance when a suspicious package arrives.

The Duke Energy Building in Charlotte, North Carolina was evacuated Tuesday morning after employees in the mail room found a small manila envelope handwritten and addressed from out-of-state.

The police cleared an entire block around the building for more than an hour as the bomb squad came in to do a diagnostic of the package. A K-9 unit was also deployed to the scene.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a bomb. It was…a Journey cassette tape. I suppose that would be suspicious because who is sending cassette tapes in the mail in 2018?

There’s no word which Journey album it was, or why someone sent it. My guess is that someone ordered it on eBay and then became insanely embarrassed when they were called out about it, and the flippin’ bomb squad shows up.

To my co-workers: If a package appearing to contain an 80’s hair band cassette tape, ESPECIALLY Journey, it was me. I really ordered that and it’s mine, so hands off! Van Halen, too.


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