heinz caviar

Heinz Made a Ketchup Caviar For Valentine’s Day Because Caviar Isn’t Gross Enough

This is BRILLIANT!!!!!!

Valentine’s Day, or as Heinz calls it, Valen-HEINZ Day is just around the corner, and to celebrate, the ketchup creator has introduced a new product. KETCHUP CAVIAR.

I know, you’re picturing fish eggs covered in tomato sauce, right? Me too. And ketchup on chicken eggs is a great debate. Can you imagine?

Basically, Heinz made little round ketchup balls to LOOK like caviar. They’ve even gone full fancy on the packaging.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy the stuff. However, you can WIN it.

Heinz is giving away 150 of them on Twitter through Monday. You can enter by replying to their tweet announcing the ketchup caviar and using the hashtags #HeinzKetchupCaviar and #Sweeps.

*breaks out fancy mother of pearl spoon*


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