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Nick’s Mix: The Drink of the Week is a Classic Margarita

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This is the fourth and final video in our 4-drink series focusing on tequila. We saved the most requested tequila drink for last, folks.

Now there are a million ways to make a margarita. And you can enjoy it any number of ways. Frozen, on the rocks, a zillion flavors. But you can always count on the classic house margarita.

Nick Carpinelli from Frank 106.3 and 98.3 LNH knows the tricks of the trade and he’s here to show you how it’s done.

Classic House Margarita

½ Pint of ice

1½ oz. Tequila

1 oz. Triple Sec

3 oz. Pure Lime Juice

1 Container Coarse Salt

1 Lime

Start by filling your shaker about halfway with ice.

Pour 1½ oz. tequila into the shaker. Next add in your triple sec.

Grab your lime juice and remember – if you settle for the fake stuff or the sour mix, don’t hold the final results against us. Pour yourself about 3 oz. or add more (or less) to fit your taste.

Prepare a wedge of freshly sliced lime. Slide the lime onto the rim of the glass and slide it around the rim. Remove the lime and dip the top of your glass into the coarse salt.

Pour the contents of your shaker into your glass (you can use a fancy bowl-style glass if you like that sort of thing) and garnish with the fresh lime wedge. Enjoy every time you need a go-to tequila drink that won’t let you down.

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As always, drink responsibly!