bongo cat bongos

Play ‘Bongo Cat’ and Watch Your Work Fun Skyrocket and Your Productivity Plummet

We all know 5pm can’t come fast enough.

If you’ve got all your work done and you’re looking to eat up a little time as you watch the minutes tick by, look no further than Bongo Cat. And by eat up a little time, I mean you will spend the rest of your day on this.

It’s a musical cat that you can control with your keyboard. With a variety of instruments, you can practically put on a concert for the office.

Play the bongos!

bongo cat bongos

Play the marimba!

bongo cat marimba

Play the keyboard!

bongo cat keyboard

Play the symbols!

bongo cat symbol

Your boss might not appreciate the plummet in your productivity, so maybe just make sure you’ve got your sound turned down or your ear buds.



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