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There’s Now a Nickname Given to Adults Staying in to Build Massive Lego Structures

/r/Legoclassic/ – Greek war sparta athens from r/lego

I would rather spend the evening at home with my son building Lego’s than at a bar any day of the week.

After hearing about a group of people who feel the same way called “Brickheads,” I don’t feel so alone.

Brickheads are adults, mostly millennials, who spend their time and money building extravagant Lego sets. The growing community of Lego fans can be seen on Reddit and with the hashtag #Brickheads on Twitter and Instagram.

A trip to the thrifty yesterday. 7 bucks a bag, 180ish total from r/lego

In an interview with MELMagazine, one Brickhead has run the numbers on going out with friends vs. building Legos.

“Legos are expensive, so I’d argue it’s cost-neutral, depending on how thrifty you are with your alcohol choices and transportation methods.” 

Plus, there’s no hangover the morning after building a massive Lego structure.

Some kids never grow up. I’m one of them!



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