drone fail

Cocky Drone Operated Shows Off Skills By Crashing it Directly Into a Woman’s Face

Technology has come a long way!

I recall a time before selfies when we had to set the camera up, hit the timer, and then run to get into the picture in time. Only to figure out that Uncle Harvey was only half in the shot.

We’ve got so much smart technology now. For example, the invention of the camera drone has taken us to a whole new level. We can capture events from up above. And watch funny fails in real time too, like this one.

This poor family got together for a reunion and decided to use a drone to capture the large group from the above.

Unfortunately the person operating it had it fly back for a wide shot and then back in for a tighter shot. That’s when things went wrong. It ended up slamming into a female in the group. Nailed her right in the face.

The video kept rolling. She appeared to be unharmed. It really was a memorable gathering!



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