CHaD is Helping Kids Like Avery Fulfill Their Dreams (How You Can Help)

The Warren Miller “Face of Winter” movie screening event may be sold out at the Palace Theater this weekend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help CHaD.

CHaD is hosting the event to raise funds for their live-saving programs, and the good news is that it is already sold out. We talked with Mike Miller and Avery Forestall about the event this weekend and how you can still get in on part of the action.

Also, we learned that Avery is following in the footsteps of the heroes who inspired him – by training to become a professional wrestler!

There are so many ways you can step up and become a hero. The simplest thing you can do right now is donate to

Mike also came up with another wonderful way you can help – a potluck dinner with friends! The money you would have spent at a restaurant, you can donate. Sounds easy, right?